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Dano and Deschanel

In simple pleasure fashion, I put Gigantic in my Netflix queue not knowing what to expect but purely on my affection of Zooey Deschanel. “Gigantic” is a small independent movie in which a young man tries to figure out life while falling in and out of love with a free-spirited Deschanel. You got comedian Zach Galifianakis as a crazed homeless man, his opening scene had me laughing out loud.  John Goodman as Deschanel rich bellowed father with a good heart. The cast was quirky and the chemistry between Paul Dano the film protagonist and Deschanel play their parts to perfection, exuding just the right amount of awkwardness and insecurity to bring the story to life. Much of the story is about a 28-year-old , Brian Weathersby (Paul Dano), who works as a sales clerk for an upscale Manhattan mattress company, a single guy when Happy Lolly (Zooey Deschanel) enters his life as a woman-child type and start a smitten relationship with each other. Dano, has always yearned to adopt a Chinese baby. Why, oh why should this be? We are never really told – but we are invited to take it as proof that he is emotionally sensitive and lovable, and spiritually superior to any of the other characters in the film. Consisting mainly of Dano and Deshanel rich, upscale Manhattan-type families. Throw in some fun scenes of Dano and his family eating mushrooms and going on a foray into the woods in search for more psychedelics.  If your mood is for an indie comedy that’s like a breath of fresh air into American independent filmmaking,  stylistically seems more European than traditional mainstream.  This is movie is right for you, highly recommended in my world. Enjoy!

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