Jeff, who lives at home

Last night for her birthday I took my 19 year old sister YIKES and we saw the new Duplass brothers movie “Jeff, who lives at home”. I just realized one of the Duplass brothers is in “The League”! The League was one of the only TV shows I still watched before I traded my monthly cable bill for just Netflix.  If you still have cable, you need to cut the cord. TV sucks nowadays and its waaaay over priced. All of the good shows are already on Netflix anyways. Look, I know, they’re last seasons shows. But who cares, watch something else until your show is stream-able in a short 6 months. Netflix has tons of content and my TV watching isnt brainless anymore. You know exactly what im talking about. You get home, plop yourself down in front of the TV and just blackout for a couple hours. With Netflix, your watching has a purpose! Now I get home and look over all my options and pick the movie/documentary/stand-up comedy that fits my particular mood and watch them interrupted. Think of all things you can use that extra $56 bucks a month on. I mean your already paying for Netflix and if you using an xbox to stream your paying for that too. Consolidate, kick the cable companies where it hurts and force them to stop gouging us with their prices and for the price point 19 bucks a month is tough to beat. I’ll finish by saying getting rid of cable might be the biggest productivity enhancer I’ve done all year. Anyways……This post is supposed to be about the movie Jeff, who lives at home. I really enjoyed  it and I think my sister did also. If you like Jason Seigel (The Muppet’s and Forgetting Sarah Marshall) you’ll leave the theater happy you saw it. Seigel is supper funny in his portrayal  of this guy who just can’t seem to find purpose with life and willing to do strange and abnormal things to find his path. That is why I enjoyed his movies. I think there’s a part in all of us that are trying everyday to figure out this world has in store for us just like good old Jeff. Anyways, Ed Helms (The Hangover and The Office) is great also. I’ve never seen him in role like this. It gives him more depth as an actor. He plays the older brother who is als0 going through a mid-life crises but just on the complete opposite side of the spectrum then Jeff (Seigals character).  Defiantly worth checking out if your a fan of the Duplass Brother and Seigel. If your like me, you’ll find yourself laughing and fighting a couple tears at the conclusion. If I had to rate Jeff, who lives at home. Its a solid 3 out of 4 stars. Lifes simple pleasures.

.Me and my super cool 19 year old sister



Stumbled on this hilarious YouTube video yesterday. I guess the story is two kids spent a couple years in the 1980s making a shot-for-shot remake of “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” Why hasn’t this been a Tosh.O web redemption yet. I was smiling the entire video.

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The 3rd most anticipated movie of this summer

Since I’m a dedicated movie fanboy, here is a quick list of the movies I’m most stoked on this summer. Numero Uno: The Dark Knight Rises (of course). To my fellow nerds, that goes without saying. Just behind is Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. Rumor is that Prometheus is a sort of prequel to the Aliens franchise.  If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, take a well deserved 3 min work break and youtube that shit. Finally, for some reason I’m really excited for Snow White and the Huntsman. Now, I’ve never seen the Twilight movies. But theres defiantly something sexy about Kristen Stewart  and she looks like a complete badass in this movie. Plus, I don’t hate Chris Hemsworth, he got some major cool points when I heard he was cast in the Expendables 2. The first Expendables was probably  the manliness movie ever made. Anybody cast in the same movie as old Chuck Norris, Mr. Diehard, The Govenator, Jean Claude and Rocky Balboa is doing something right. Snow White and the Huntsman looks like a fresh take on a story line were all familiar with. To me, this Snow White movie looks entertaining for both dudes and chicks. Check out the trailer below and tell me what you think. Life according to Dane.

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Friday Jamsesh

Here’s a nice little jamsesh for this beautiful Friday. Also check out Ricki-Lee,  major babe. Next stop…The Gold Coast.

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3 easy steps to create the worlds best playlist

Step #1: Go to

Step #2: Create a Jay-Z radio station

Step #3: Enjoy the best rap music ever released

Optional Step #4: Wear head phones, and finally grind away on that business plan that will one day lead to you becoming a billionaire

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Joseph Kony

First off, I’m scared for the dude who maaaaaade this video! If I was a homicide maniac, like old Joe Kony. Wouldn’t I just pay a million bucks to some deadbeat and knock off the dude who made this video. Heck, get down on his whole family since its OK to parade his  son all up in it. DANGER.

Dont worry I get it, Joe Kony sucks small ballz and the world’s a better place without him in it. That said I’ll fall in line and do my part. Lets bring down this awful some-o-bitch! #Koney2012

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Elizabeth Olsen

After a couple months of waiting for the original “Silent House” on my movie queue. Netflix finally got it together and mailed it.  Last night I saw what horror in real-time was all about.  For those who didn’t know Silent House or La Casa Muda, as its called in Uruguay didn’t disappoint. It’s filmed in one long continues shot -78 min. Pretty spectacular considering all the logistics. One false step by the crew or anybody else and you’d have start all over. Even more spectacular it was filmed on $6,000 budget! Defiantly a must watch for the film goer looking for some fresh perspective on the Cloverfield, Paranormal Activity experience.
As with almost every successful indie films. Hollywood is already set to release its remake. Check out the leading lady Elizabeth Olsen. Younger sister of old Mary-Kate and Ashley. Super hot – she might be just be enough to convince me too see a movie that I already know the ending. Fresh faces like Elizabeth is defiantly one of life’s simple pleasures.
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Robotic Pirate Monkey

If you are just starting to get into that Pretty Lights scence and the rest of that funky Colorado based music. I got a good recommendasssh for you.

RPM’s been dropping fire for a couple of years now and recently dub-womped the super trendy Gotye song – Somebody I Used to Know

(Right Click on the Dropbox link + Click Save Link As for Download)

If you haven’t got down with these guys your def missing out. Life’s simple pleasures according to Dane.


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If you haven’t heard already Ryan Gosling has been killing it in all the movies I’ve seen him in recently.

– Ides of March (Bearcats, PSH, Clooney, Gosling, So Sick)

– Drive (Best movie soundtrack since Tron:Legacy)

– Blue Valentine (I love me some Michelle Williams)

– Crazy Stupid Love (Dudes wardrobe is phenomenal)

– Fracture (Anthony Hopkins vs. Gosling)

– Half Nelson (Instant streaming on Netflix)

His next two movies I hear he’s playing are a motorcycle stunt rider and kick boxer in Bangkok! Don’t be homo phobic and check out these sick movies. Your life will be better for it. Life According to Dane.


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