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Ellie Goulding

Taking that "profile" pic

The Weeknd is dope, but I’d rather have this girl singing for me. Sorry for ya.

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Royalty To The Maximum

Sup blog followers, I have to give it up to my buddy Ben for posting this song on his FB.  At first I wasn’t the biggest Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino fan but lately he’s been growing on me. Read his Wikipedia page, dude is super talented.

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The Killing

Best new/old show I’ve discovered recently. The Killing, its on AMC I think? I’m watching it though Netflix so I’m not really sure. The show is AWESOME! It reminds me of Mystic River meets CSI. Production is money, actors are great, all the episodes keep you hanging on. I don’t watch many shows anymore, but this one, this one, highly recommended. So far I’ve watched 4 episodes in under 24 hours. Thats like like a record for you boy. I feel like I’m back in college watching LOST with all my 0ld roommates. On top of that word is the sidekick cop uhhhh I forgot his name, tall skinny with shitty facial hair (if you watch the show you’ll know who I’m talking about) is going to be the new RoboCop! Hellz yes the new RoboCop, pretty sweet right? Anyways its a great show and I think season two is starting in couple weeks. So if your sick of True Blood, Walking Dead  and stupid sitcoms on FOX give The Killing a shot. I doubt you’ll  be disappointed. Life simple pleasures buuuuuuuuuddddy!

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Stumbled on this hilarious YouTube video yesterday. I guess the story is two kids spent a couple years in the 1980s making a shot-for-shot remake of “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” Why hasn’t this been a Tosh.O web redemption yet. I was smiling the entire video.

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