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Ellie Goulding

Taking that "profile" pic

The Weeknd is dope, but I’d rather have this girl singing for me. Sorry for ya.

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Royalty To The Maximum

Sup blog followers, I have to give it up to my buddy Ben for posting this song on his FB.  At first I wasn’t the biggest Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino fan but lately he’s been growing on me. Read his Wikipedia page, dude is super talented.

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The Foray Of Ones Under Garments

If you like dub-step, you’ll like this stuff.  Time to upgrade the ol’ Subaru’s speaker system. Hits super hard. Enjoy!

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Living in California errrbody wants to visit Pho

Since I returned from Coachilly, I can’t get this song out my head. Soooo sick and with summer around the corner makes it even more perfect. Sooo duuurty.

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Friday Jamsesh

Here’s a nice little jamsesh for this beautiful Friday. Also check out Ricki-Lee,  major babe. Next stop…The Gold Coast.

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3 easy steps to create the worlds best playlist

Step #1: Go to

Step #2: Create a Jay-Z radio station

Step #3: Enjoy the best rap music ever released

Optional Step #4: Wear head phones, and finally grind away on that business plan that will one day lead to you becoming a billionaire

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Robotic Pirate Monkey

If you are just starting to get into that Pretty Lights scence and the rest of that funky Colorado based music. I got a good recommendasssh for you.

RPM’s been dropping fire for a couple of years now and recently dub-womped the super trendy Gotye song – Somebody I Used to Know

(Right Click on the Dropbox link + Click Save Link As for Download)

If you haven’t got down with these guys your def missing out. Life’s simple pleasures according to Dane.


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