The Thing

The Thing

While everybody is writing about The Avengers, which sadly I’ve yet to see. I’m going to switch it up and write on one of my favorite horror movies of 2011.  If you’ve seen the original The Thing you were probably excited to see what’s technically a prequel to the original released in 1982. This new film solves the mystery of what happened to the Norwegian research team that was all but wiped out in the beginning of  The Thing (1982) . The 1982 version was praised for its ground breaking visual effects and the newest edition does a  adequate following up. Like any good horror movie you have to have a babe – preferably one that shows her boobs at some point. This one is led by Mary Elizabeth Winstead who I’d give a solid 7.5 out of 10 hottness ranking. Sadly no boobige but what The Thing lacks in tittes makes up for in gore and sweet monster special effects. Overall I really liked the movie. Defiantly worth a rent at your old neighborhood 7-11 redbox. If you’re in the mood for movie that gives you a couple good jumps, check out The Thing. Life’s simple pleasures according to your booooy!

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2 thoughts on “The Thing

  1. A good enough movie. They phoned in the special effects, though. If they had just done some practical puppetry effects and some minor tweaking with cgi, it would have been so much better.

  2. Shimky says:

    I agree – the new film wasn’t bad at all! Strange that they also called it “The Thing”.

    I talked about the original film here:

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