Joseph Kony

First off, I’m scared for the dude who maaaaaade this video! If I was a homicide maniac, like old Joe Kony. Wouldn’t I just pay a million bucks to some deadbeat and knock off the dude who made this video. Heck, get down on his whole family since its OK to parade his  son all up in it. DANGER.

Dont worry I get it, Joe Kony sucks small ballz and the world’s a better place without him in it. That said I’ll fall in line and do my part. Lets bring down this awful some-o-bitch! #Koney2012

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2 thoughts on “Joseph Kony

  1. Wendy says:

    The video freaked me out too… not because of Kony, who is scary enough, but the film makers beautiful little boy!!! OMGOSH! Showcased him to the very broken world in which we all live!

  2. Wendy says:

    Oh, and hey, now that the film maker has been arrested in San Diego for some pretty icky stuff in P.B. … OMGOSH!!! all over again.

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