Elizabeth Olsen

After a couple months of waiting for the original “Silent House” on my movie queue. Netflix finally got it together and mailed it.  Last night I saw what horror in real-time was all about.  For those who didn’t know Silent House or La Casa Muda, as its called in Uruguay didn’t disappoint. It’s filmed in one long continues shot -78 min. Pretty spectacular considering all the logistics. One false step by the crew or anybody else and you’d have start all over. Even more spectacular it was filmed on $6,000 budget! Defiantly a must watch for the film goer looking for some fresh perspective on the Cloverfield, Paranormal Activity experience.
As with almost every successful indie films. Hollywood is already set to release its remake. Check out the leading lady Elizabeth Olsen. Younger sister of old Mary-Kate and Ashley. Super hot – she might be just be enough to convince me too see a movie that I already know the ending. Fresh faces like Elizabeth is defiantly one of life’s simple pleasures.
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