If you haven’t heard already Ryan Gosling has been killing it in all the movies I’ve seen him in recently.

– Ides of March (Bearcats, PSH, Clooney, Gosling, So Sick)

– Drive (Best movie soundtrack since Tron:Legacy)

– Blue Valentine (I love me some Michelle Williams)

– Crazy Stupid Love (Dudes wardrobe is phenomenal)

– Fracture (Anthony Hopkins vs. Gosling)

– Half Nelson (Instant streaming on Netflix)

His next two movies I hear he’s playing are a motorcycle stunt rider and kick boxer in Bangkok! Don’t be homo phobic and check out these sick movies. Your life will be better for it. Life According to Dane.


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One thought on “DRIVE

  1. Wendy says:

    I hated the movie with Ryan and that plastic doll, Bianca. SUPER ICK! The title of the movie escapes me, thankfully. Ryan is knock out gorgeous in the movie Crazy Stupid Love. Glad to see he could “clean up”.

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